Extratorrent. cc Unblocked, Proxy/Mirror Sites of Extratorrents

Are you currently Can’t access Extratorrent. cc? or Extratorrent. cc not working for you? If yes then you’re in right place here we’ll supply you best 15 Extratorrent proxy and mirror websites to unblock extratorrent sites.

Everything You Want to Know Extratorrent

There are numerous users all over the globe and yes, naturally, you know very well about Extratorrent. It’s among the most popular torrent search engines and very different from other torrent sites. This website lets users obtain high-quality torrent files on their devices. For a variety of articles, ExtraTorrents hosted a big selection of magnet links and torrent links.

You can look for movies, the latest movies, TV shows, Games, applications, programs, ebooks, and other content too. Also, you can upload torrent on the torrent website. It’s easy to use and easy interface website.

What’s Extratorrent Proxy/mirror?

Many of you know about extratorrent proxy but if you are new to the torrent world then you have to know about what is extratorrent proxy. So Extratorrent Proxy/mirror websites are clone variations of this Extratorrent cc website. They have the identical design, torrents and features but are hosted on a different domain. If you cant access extratorrent main domain then here extartorrent proxy can help you a whole lot.

The proxy site redirects your net requests via another host to the site that you would like to access, So it functions as an intermediary so that it doesn’t seem to be trying to access a blocked IP address.

The mirror sites, placing a copy of the site’s unique torrent index on a different website, the access to which, apparently, has not yet been obstructed. You can use both approaches if you are having trouble obtaining extratorrent cc with the help of Extratorrent proxy/mirror websites you can unblock the site.

Why did Extratorrent shut down?

Since Extratorrents is employed to be possibly the simplest way to get the greatest deluge as the Extratorrent team used to verify each torrent with its rate, validity, consumer opinions to making it effortless for us to learn the quality.

There was nothing which you didn’t find by typing into the search box to get Extratorrents. Finally, they began to look for alternative techniques to circumvent limited sites, but to no effect. However, great news arrived in the form of some proxy and mirror sites from ExtraTorrents for unblocking the torrent website.

ExtraTorrents Proxy/Mirror Sites












It’s the hottest and strongest proxies of the Extra Torrent. There’s a huge variety of web scrapers available.

There’s a need to use intermediaries and VPN administrations to make sure they can access the internet. You will find mirror destinations that can easily access this downpour internet crawler.

This is among those typically assigned to finding you new films and stuff published. It enables you to discover your favourite things which you would like.

This is practically identical to the next torrent assumptions and isn’t entirely available. It is by far the most powerful method of unblocking extra torrentsmovies.cc or extratorrent.cc.

To ensure that they can discover the very best rate, proxies and VPN organizations need to get used. Any goals can effectively be considered as a great website.

Additionally, it has shared distinct documents, for example code, and several other things which may be accessed.


Extratorrent.net is among the most known proxies for users. It offers to download the latest content available on torrents blocked sites.

This is one that is usually dedicated to supplying you with the latest movies, music, games and internet series that are released.

It is one of the web famous torrent website, where a massive amount of stuff is available.

It helps to discover your content or assistance and make those amazing memories. Here is the manner that assists you to unblock 123 extratorrents. It’s often provided other documents, such as scripting, and other items which can be downloaded.

There has many shared files, such as programming, and other items which could be downloaded.

This is the perfect method to be able to unblock extra torrentsmovies.cc. One has to use the go-betweens and the VPN connection to make sure they can get to the platform.

Extratorrents-cc. com

Additionally, this is a proxy or way used to access or download things from the torrent block site. The Torrent site is a broadly employed a torrent search engine to download pictures and find them readily.

It is one of the known people on the website. There are lots of proxies that are utilized to get or download things from the torrent web site, at any rate, this one is normally connected to helping you out.

It is a commonly used It’s among the recognized middle citizens. There is a giant metric of hurricane web crawlers, at any point, this one is usually committed to finding the most recent motion pictures and redirects that are dumped. It stimulates you to discover your favorite redirect and have an wonderful time.

When utilizing torrents, aim to keep a watch on the file you’re downloading, since it can often lead to malware or virus entrance.


Extratorrent.si lets you download publicly available content from the internet. It will help to learn the newest movies, anime, music, software, TV and other torrent content completely free.

There are a lot of VPN connections that you will need to use so that you may monitor proxies that can trigger a problem. It is also advised that a suitable VPN link be utilized.

Approaches to Unblock Extratorrent Proxy websites

Utilize VPN

You have to use a VPN to access the internet safely and download content from the Extratorrent website or its options. A VPN can help you conceal your IP address, place, and other information. This is where Nord VPN is useful.

Utilize Tor Browser

TOR is a personal network where individual computers connect to discuss bandwidth and anonymously surf the Internet. The TOR browser can be used to re install any geo-restricted website, such as Zamunda. Simply type the URL to the address bar of your browser and press Enter. Unlocks the web for you by itself.

10 Extratorrent Alternatives

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay, or TPB because it’s often known, is a website that hosts a searchable torrent file. Without a doubt, the Pirate Bay is the undisputed king of the torrenting planet. Now that KAT, Torrentz, and ExtraTorrents are down, people can be expected to switch to Pirate Bay to console themselves. Such documents may be used with the correct software to get a large assortment of media such as videos, music, e-books, and programs. The web material is extremely flexible and the transport of new items is readily accessible. You may find it tricky to navigate to the website. This ExtraTorrent option has gone through several ups and downs in the last few years but the website remains solid to date.

Torrentz 2

Torrentz two is one of the world’s largest torrent websites declared and shut down” farewell” to its millions of users. Most users utilized Torrentz to download movies, games, displays, and other files in the torrent. Nonetheless, users started hunting for its own mirror, proxies, and sites like a torrent after its shut down. After continuing down of ExtraTrrents most user’s choice is Torrentz 2 to watch movies on this platform.


1337x launched in 2007, and is presently one of the net’s hottest torrenting sites. The web site has amazing features an elegant user interface which makes the hunt for content simple. The web site was redesigned recently, and today has an improved interface.

Zooqle is one of the largest torrent website platforms that’s supported by more than 3.5M of assessed torrents and 2200 trackers. There is not any doubt that Zooqle has plenty of choices for those who prefer movies and TV shows, but what exactly makes this alternate to ExtraTorrents great is that it is ideal for gamers. It is has a simple user-friendly interface that anyone can access very easily.


Kickass Torrents was likewise taken out of service similar to ExtraTorrent, where many mirror websites replaced it. This famous website, which supplied a directory for torrent documents and magnet connections and you do not need to be an expert in file-sharing for to understand KickassTorrents. These alternate mirror sites in ExtraTorrents are just like the original, at least in 1 way or another. However one thing is sure, there will be plenty of torrent for music, videos, games and so Forth


RARBG is among the earliest torrent websites and famous for awesome content. The preview feature makes the website pretty cool and quite wonderful. The wonderful thing about this website has the honest remarks by consumers. RARBG, the king of torrent sites and homes of torrent fans, allowing users to look for the content preview without navigating through the web page. In addition, it offers magnet links to the torrent to make it effortless for users to get torrents. It is possible to visit the RARBG Torrent website to get movies, software, music, games and other content.


TorrentDownloads is an excellent alternative to ExtraTorrent, which permits you to download torrent content like TV shows, films, music, games, applications, anime, books, and other torrents. The website is not riddled with annoying advertisements and most of the articles it provides is valid to download and safe. After you download a torrent file from TorrentDownloads, then you’ll be temporarily redirected to iTorrents.org, which is a free online caching support for torrent files.


If you’re looking for the best torrent site then Torlock is one of the real torrent sites you can. It is easy to navigate the site and it has a wide variety of new films, TV, eBooks, Apps, Videos, and other articles for downloading that you can get easily. The best features which you can find everything which popular on the market today no have to go anywhere. They’ve over 5 million verified torrents, which will guarantee you’ll find what you’re searching for.


It’s considered to be a general-purpose torrent site that grows and becomes a huge website during stagnation at a File Sharing network. LimeTorrents also introduced a new reworked homepage that has a sleek design along with large buttons and a search bar. Lime torrent supplies you with the very best content, but it doesn’t have a well-designed site because the content is a lot more significant than the consumer interface.


EZTV.ag is a useful and straightforward torrenting website that includes an active reporting forum for example broken links. The system itself alerts users that they can utilize a VPN before using the service.

Why You On ExtraTorrents?

ExtraTorrents has much copyright, content there are strong forces who’d love to restrict your access to it. You are able to acquire geo-blocked from the internet in some cases because of where you reside. A few ISPs will block your connection or slow it, rather than waste the bandwidth on your request. It’s a website and for some reason, it might just be down.

It is not necessarily blocked in that circumstance but still inaccessible. But you don’t really wish to hear a story, you just need to download some new songs.

Torrenting is a frequent way of downloading the most recent movies, TV shows, music, novels, games-you’re calling it.

Torrenting’s achievement is mainly motivated by the truth that it’s safe. A machine along with an internet connection are everything you need to get and share documents. Actually the torrenting act itself isn’t illegal. It entails flawless seeding and downloading over the law-before copyrighted content.

Unfortunately, these prohibitions often encroach on valid torrenting. You would need to use a VPN if you want to access torrenting websites in a country where they’ve been banned.


ExtraTorrent is not any more but definitely, it is possible to locate an ExtraTorrent alternative from the above list. Though ExtraTorrents Proxy Mirror websites are working 100% without the need to go anyplace but ensure you could use VPN where you go with Torrenting Sites.

Disclaimer — Search 4 Casinos doesn’t aim to promote or condone piracy in any way.

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