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What is Limetorrents Proxy

Limetorrent is one of those renowned torrent directories which are available on the market. Though it doesn’t have a very complicated and up-to-date database and documents as with other torrent websites, it’s been able to amuse us a fantastic thing. It does not host any torrent file , but instead it connects you to other sites that host the file. It gives excellent quality, content you may download with the assistance of the Limetorrents and has been up for quite a while. There are numerous websites through which you can access this torrent site easily.

Among the very best part Limetorrents has a separate verified section in which users can discover each one of the verified torrents. Limetorrents has an massive online user base which it is also very friendly, which basically means you’re less likely to encounter offensive material on these sites.

Now, the essential thing concerning Limetorrents is you would have to use a VPN to get it. It is possible to unblock Limetorrents with the help of a fast ToR proxy host. Additionally, there are a few mirror sites in Limetorrents ready to take over the flow. Also, take a look at the proxy sites of Limetorrents that are offered out there.

Limetorrents Proxy and Mirror Websites

It is not new that the legal power is utilized by the government and the content creators to ban users from accessing the limetorrents website. When it’s banned or blocked from accessing the torrent site, then people find it hard to find free content. This is why, without causing a lot of issues, many people utilize limetorrents proxy servers to get the content.

LimeTorrents Proxy/Mirror Sites Speed Ranking


How to Get Limetorrnets with VPN

A Virtual Private Network ( VPN) allows users to send and receive data through public or shared networks like their calculating devices were directly linked to the private network. Using Limetorrents mirror, you can quickly access the Limetorrent sites. The Limetorrents proxy/ mirror websites can be found on the internet. The users will need to understand, nevertheless, that Limetorrents proxy servers and mirror websites only provide very limited privacy protection.

If you want to keep your operation secret then consider the VPN service with a VPN service, when you connect to a Limetorrent site, it allows you to maintain your action fully secret from another party who may track it on line. This does not state, however, you are 100 percent free and that you do as you need, without any consequences. When picking a VPN provider, even though it costs you more, you should always go for a decent one. It’s very crucial that you decide on a VPN provider which has a strong industry reputation.

Limetorrents Alternatives & similar sites


13377x is a favourite torrent site that can enable you to download movies, apps, and games of all kinds with this torrent website. According to the news blog TorrentFreak, 1337x is the third most popular torrent site since 2018. It was instituted in 2007 and became increasingly prominent in 2016 after the closing of KickassTorrents. In October 2016, a website redesign with new functionality was released. You are able to access 13377x. To use the BitTorrent system to download all available content.

The only drawback is the films from 13377x. To with net access are not simple. This site has been blocked by virtually every online service provider due to the pirated content that they publish on the website.


ExtraTorrent (generally abbreviated ET) has been an internet indicator of the entertainment media, software, and digital content. Until it was closed down, it had been among the world’s top 5 BitTorrent indicators where visitors could search, download and donate magnet hyperlinks and torrent files to ease P2to-P2 file sharing among BitTorrent users. For many different content ExtraTorrents hosted a large selection of magnet links and torrent links.

One of the torrent site’s highlight features was its innovative search interface. There was nothing that you didn’t find by typing into the search box to get Extratorrents.


Torlock is the ideal torrent site since it features the best torrents of tv shows & films unlike other torrent websites which are just a big network sharing torrents in several different categories, many of which can be unverified, possesses a slow pace or is now inactive. It requires this so badly that, following the software was launched, it charges users for any fake torrent they can find on its own website. The program highly recommends to all users use VPN to concealed activity while downloading any software, movie, or content.

They’ve over 6 million verified torrents, according to the site, which will ensure you get what you’re looking for when downloading and the average download speed was 3.1MB/s.


In 2008 this particular torrent site was launched. If you are invested heavily in films, RARBG is the ideal place to consider The very best thing about this site is it is very well structured. The torrents are categorized into eight different groups. The files uploaded to the web include a well-formatted title, along with a simple description. It’s an extensive page of information, which will show you all that you will need to know about your own files. This makes finding a file online simple for those users also makes new releases simpler to locate.


KickassTorrents (KAT) was a website that used the BitTorrent protocol to provide a directory for torrent documents and magnet links to promote P2 to P2 document sharing. This specific torrent website was launched in 2008, and is one of the best on the market torrent websites. Every day more than 10 million fresh torrents are over and added 1 million per day users see this website. Kickass torrent categorizes torrents into nine separate subcategories.

This program is very user friendly and can be accessible in various countries as well. This should be enough for one to utilize it as a valid alternative to some mirror site at Limetorrents. The platform can also be utilized in 45 different languages.

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