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Wonderful News — for the first time, is Open for casino write for us and guest post contributions.

Search4casinos is one of the major Casino websites in the Gambling industry, which reaches tens of thousands of customers and covers everything there is to learn about different casinos games, strategies, tips.

All You Have to do is write for us and submit your guest Post revealing your experience or intriguing comment on casino topic.

Here are a couple of subject ideas that could be featured on our website:

  • Casino strategy articles
  • Casino tips and advice
  • How to guides
  • Breakdown of casino games
  • Betting industry news
  • Other interesting topics

These are only a few examples to get you going in the right direction. If your guest post is connected to casino games, it’s a high chance of being approved.

But we reserve the right to deny your submission if we Don’t see it fit for our site with no excuse so be certain you have a look at our editorial instructions below, prior to submitting your post.


Any Quires, Feel free to contact


Guest posting on established websites gives you an Opportunity to Reach a new audience, establish yourself as a professional, and enhance your following on social media platforms.

On top of this, many authors featured on our site are Contacted by others and get compensated for their texts. If that is something you’re looking for, we can offer you a great platform with an engaged audience to talk about your knowledge and get recognized from the casinos industry. As a consequence of donating articles for our site, you will build a loyal fan base and the title for yourself.

Many great writers are trying to be discovered, and we are Happy to assist you become featured on our platform and other media websites.

P.S.. We only accept articles relater to casinos to some extent.


You have to be certain you can pass on our editorial guidelines because we do not compromise quality.
Even though we do not require special experience or credentials When writing for us, knowing casinos, gaming industries can help you create outstanding content.

We expect You to Be passionate about your topic, do your Research, and communicate in English. Here are our editorial guidelines that you should follow:

Only useful and interesting content (no promotional Substances ) — we focus on publishing insightful and one-of-a-kind content with hints, strategies, case studies, or your opinion on relevant subjects.

Guest posts should be 100% original: We’ll look at plagiarism instead of approving copied articles or possibly a few elements of the articles. We tolerate copy-cats and could create the most effective paintings with preliminary visitor articles.

At least seven hundred phrases: We do now no longer submit quick portions in view that we Can’t cowl an exciting subject matter well in three hundred phrases. Seven hundred phrases are the minimum. However, you can make it 1500+ even by specializing in beneficial and suitable information. Do your studies and put together an enticing submission in addition to a catchy identification and headings.

Casino articles will be written in English and other languages. Proficiency in spelling, grammar, and punctuation is essential because this is required for nearly any expert creator in casinos or every other industry. We advocate using Grammarly for this if English isn’t your local language.

The guest article desires to have an obvious structure – the layout of Your article additionally performs a massive part, so be sure to edit it in a manner that might be clean to read. Short paragraphs, areas among paragraphs, and suitable heading associations will move in an extended manner.

Do now no longer repeat yourself: you Shouldn’t Be repeating yourself To attain the phrase limit, in view that we might not take delivery of the sort of piece. If you choose to compose for us poker, online casino, or playing content, then be sure that you create beneficial articles and avoid announcing equal matters or repeating equal phrases too frequently.

You cannot submit the equal submit on different sites — if we Accept and submit your content, you settle to no longer submit the precise equal article wherever else.

You do now no longer want to feature pictures. To use an image, you want permission to accomplish that and own the rights to it, so it is easier to take associated photos from inventory photo directories, and we can try this for you. Whilst you need to consist of a selected image, please upload it. However, it does now no longer assure it will likely be blanketed with the article.

If you are article is approved to be published on our site, Out of your content or rework it in any way we see fit. We’ll also book The best to add internal links to relevant posts and incoming links to Authority sites or some other destination that we see fit.

You can reach us directly by sending an email:

A direct email to

Subject: Guest Posting /Sponsored article

Email: Topics you want to cover and a website you want to link to in case of advertising


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